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The artwork was also excellent, but just what you'd expected from Marvel. If only they used it on the movies. I also remember that this show came back on Fox Kids in Summer when 20th Century Fox released the live-action X-Men movie in theaters. Just recently, thanks to the hype surrounding Superman Returns, I made it a point to try and watch all of Bruce Timm's DC animated shows on DVD, and I found myself absolutely enthralled and in love with this animated universe. I like her romance with Cyclops and like Scott she takes things seriously. I found it pretty unwatchable. The show also had one of the most memorable and amazing theme songs ever composed

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The X-Men Episode Guide 2×13: The Reunion, Part 2

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My favorite character is Remy Lebeau aka Gambit, who's power is to turn any object into an explosive by touching it.

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Also I regret that Colossus and Night-Crawler were not regular members of the cast, as Night-Crawler was a very soulful character and Colossus, well, he's just so damn cool. For a lot of people in my country, - is the X-Men craze era. She has one of the best personalities and back-story. All the animated technique used in production are no longer in use by any kind of studio and that's another great thing to admire.

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