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Smartwatches are considered an aid to cheating in exams because they give easy access to stored text and images, language translation, mathematical calculations and internet access. Others across Australia and the world should follow suit. They used wireless spycams in eyeglasses to capture exam questions, transmit them to associates elsewhere and receive responses through linked smartwatches. But when viewed with special glasses sold with the watch, the screen becomes visible and you can see any uploaded content, such as your exam cheat notes. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. The dilemma facing exam administrators is deciding which devices to ban and how.

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Students Are Using ‘Smart’ Spy Technology To Cheat In Exams

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Smartglasses such as Google Glass have the capability to take photos, send information and also display information on the lens itself, eliminating the need to connect to a smartwatch.

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Similar to the ban on mobile phones in exams, any devices capable of storing, transmitting, receiving and displaying digital information should also be banned. By continuing to use our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. But a blanket ban on all watches — traditional or smart — could be on the horizon, especially because it is difficult and impractical for exam invigilators to differentiate between the two in an exam environment. In order to eliminate the problem of differentiating between watches in an exam environment, some Australian universities have already implemented bans on all wristwatches.

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