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A game should only be unplayable if the game has so many bugs or mechanic issues that make it unplayable, a game is all about the gameplay and cosmetics should not make or break a game. I will infact boycott HiRez and make sure my friends do as well. Also this is probably a "troll" thread. Yeah they didn't make demon jenos and anime zhin to appeal to its audience at all. I figure even characters live Viktor could be fun if you're at least dealing a lot of damage. Also, Seris herself was already sexualized as a default skin.

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Now how many girls do you see with super short shorts, or low cut shirts showing off what they are proud of?

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Just take a look at characters like Lian or Vivian, they would easily bore me off a building if I didn't have a penis. When analyzing the visual presentation of a character, I rely on my personal golden rule: aesthetic is personality. You're aware for every sexual skin in the game, there's probably like 10 non sexual to counter act it.

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