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The authors after cant be conscious of the subtle undertones that movies imply, they just get the overtones and see it for entertainment. The immediate trouble the viewer finds him or herself in, of course, is that both of these characters come to a place in their lives of a complete and utter groundlessness. The fact that your interpretation of this film-and Ms. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I submit a comment. Billy Bob Thornton tries hard to make his former death-row guard seem both tough and sympathetic, but not once did I forget that I was watching an actor playing a role. A dead black man, a dead black boy and a helpless black women leaning on a racist white man, oh and of course she fetches him a hat like a good obedient slave. Neither are directly responsible - yet the key is that they both feel responsible, and in a way, a very strong way, both are responsible, if indirectly, for the deaths of their children.

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‘Monster’s Ball’: Memorable Moments But Unsatisfactory Whole

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Anywayz Well said well spotted, your not alone kelli.

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Full Cast & Crew

Berry, in particular, must be commended for her bravery. She is the most beautiful women in the Hollywood, and I like her hot scenes! Max Love - Halle is an amazing actress and deserved an award.

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