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The world of cosplay is mostly consumed by men who attend conventions and buy signed prints, but a significant majority of McLean's peers were women. Anything goes, and costume quality ranges from a chucked-on wig to homemade, fully functional robotic outfits with transistors and flashing LED lights. She talks like someone wrote her dialogue. McLean and other members of the Hammerfall team saw an opportunity. There are 10 mentors in the Working Lunch team, and the spectrum is broad, covering PR, coding, production, media, marketing and C-suite. I know because she sent me the link.

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Eve Beauregard as Velma

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It employs people, and women are dramatically underrepresented.

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Eve Beauregard

Rumu is the charming tale of a robot vacuum cleaner gone sentient. The story of why she quit cosplay. When McLean thought about the reason she was able to transition so seamlessly from one career path to another, the answer was crystal clear: Without the advice, support and mentoring of other women, she'd have been lost.

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  1. When did she quit? why so soon? I was out of the loop