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Captain Jack interviews Skin Diamond Skin is one of the biggest stars in the adult industry and for a very good reason. What was your first scene like? Like my first boyfriends, I remember I would always invite my girlfriends to come play with us. Skin: It was about 2 years ago. Skin: I got in kind of by accident. It always makes me cum one last time when I feel it happening. And all over my tits too because I love to watch it drip down to my stomach.

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I left school and went to college when I was 15, so after that, I would only date college guys or guys in their early 20s.

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CJ: You are one of the biggest adult stars out there, do you get recognized a lot in public? Having sex on-camera is so much different that real life. Captain Jack: Tell me about Skin Diamond. Nerdgasm is being distributed by Girlfriend Films.

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