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All of this, though, is wishful thinking, dreamt up by children capable of every deviant thought in the world, but bereft of the maturity or agency to flirt, seduce or swipe right. I wanted to know if that sense of accomplishment played into the pleasure, but for many, it boils down to the physical dynamics. Anything solid under your hands will help tremendously. The feeling of cumming inside yourself is a feeling like no other. That would be a violation of both anatomy and physics: You simply cannot muster the right amount of torque in a boner to manipulate it past your taint. Today, the subreddit stands at about 15, subscribers, which is a fact that stuns the founder.

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The feeling of cumming inside yourself is a feeling like no other. The results speak for themselves. Self-fucking is a difficult thing to achieve, and some keep track of their pace, as if writing in a diary. In my middle-school youth I remember reading lengthy forum threads in the mustier corners of the Boy Internet that detailed the nuances required to fuck a jacuzzi jet.

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