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As mentioned earlier, Danielle Colby has a lot of interests aside from picking, including fashion. The documentary mainly focused on a dancer by the same name, and it was a great success. It even earned a nomination for an award from the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and was quite well received. She won a local championship while not only playing, but also managing the team. One of the reasons that Danielle has been such a great addition to the show is that she has wonderful instincts when it comes to leads and she sends the guys to locations where they make a lot of great finds.

danielle tattoo designs danielle tattoo designs

30 Surprising Facts About Danielle Colby Of “American Pickers”

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However, she also has interests that include fashion and burlesque dancing, as many of her big fans know.

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The two lived together in Chicago. In fact, she said that all of her tattoos are the result of a great deal of thought. Every tattoo that she has symbolizes either a person, a memory, or a lesson she has learned, she said.

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