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All of the above because holy shit the zandalari look so good in everything. So now my hunter is a male troll, and I am happy. Thus, Zandalari were moved back until 8. The Zandalari Strikers are part of a Zandalari troll force sent to assist the Zandalari's ancient allies, the Mogu. Hello I just wanted to share my observation, this is not commonly known as a lot of people still say that Zandalari troll male "is just using nelf animations". Probably race change my Hunter to Zandalari troll.

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At least give us the wicker golems that actually exist in game.

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This Article is part of our Patch 8. Zandalari hunters begin with a direhorn pet without having to acquire the. I love the animations, how mail armor fits on him, the way he shoots his bow, everything.

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