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French was primarily interested in the nude, and published his pictorials in gay magazines, which supported the tradition of illustration during the late 40s and 50s. The following day, the police raided Sex and impounded the shirts. He thought of it as physique art or art of the male human figure. He wanted an outlet for his art. The most powerful image maybe in Western society is still powerful — and it is shocking. Over the course of five decades, American photographer, filmmaker, and publisher Jim French elevated male erotica to a place of honour within the pantheon of art — creating COLT Studio, the most successful male physique photography company in the US.

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French began to produce drawings of hyper-masculine archetypes like bikers, cowboys, wrestlers, and bodybuilders, which did not contain full frontal nudity due to the constraints of the Comstock laws, which made it illegal to distribute naked pictures through the mail.

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Colt Studio Group

It was awfully generous and considerate of the Supreme Court to validate what everyone from Caravaggio and Michelangelo had done. That everyone today sees it as pornography is unfortunate. French himself was drawn to art and went to study at the Philadelphia School of Art before enlisting in the army and going on active duty

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