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As a viewer you follow otaku Takumi Nishijou on his journey as his world gets turned upside down. Do we really need to tell you what One Piece is about? The story starts with teenager Makoto Niwa who gets to move in with his aunt while his parents travel abroad. To top off her charming personality she wears a Lolita dress with black garter belts to hold her tight stockings in place. Speaking of girls walking around barefoot, who would be more suited than a girl who is actually an animal? Every fan of yandere and girls wearing stockings will enjoy our charming Kurumi. With her upbeat personality she is always good for a laugh and will surely put a smile on your face.

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Are there any anime/manga where the MC has a foot fetish?

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Well, she is a tough chick who you can usually find around Shibuya holding a longsword in one hand and a blue popsicle in the other.

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Top 10 Anime Feet (Foot Fetish)

On top of that, she can often be seen barefoot or wearing open shoes to satisfy all of your foot fetishist dreams. A fun adventure is about to begin! All fans of Ecchi stories and domination scenes should give MM! We all know about anime girls with beautiful eyes, hair, smiles or bodies.

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