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At the heart of it we know it can have a profound impact on that person's emotional wellbeing, their future. I mean, it's just horrendous. With Noelle's permission 7. I was called trash, a slut. But what they're finding is those images are being used if you like, to blackmail them to provide more images, and this can be done in quite an unpleasant and very stressful and targeted way. Cum on printed pics, motherless. They've literally cropped it, like, I'm the same make-up, the same expression, and they've cropped that on to some girl who's got a body similar but is literally naked with that pose.

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They really feel like they're just controlling girls 'cause they can ruin a girl's life by this.

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They'll see her resilience and courage. She's sharing her story so that future employers will see more than just a doctored image. It was like my heart and my stomach sank to the ground. It implies it's about revenge and it's pornography and quite often it's not about that at all.

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