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Granted, my penis is only 4. May 28, 1, This is a capital question for me: after being in the cuckold lifestyle for a few years and having to witness the decline of my manliness through some of her hieractions, I am wondering if any hotwife has felt like she is losing respect for the "men" she has married. Wife losing respect for Husband? Just understand that in this lifestyle there is a certain level of humiliation. I'm not sure why anyone would doubt that a cuck can be respected by his wife.

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Wife losing respect for Husband?

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Just like I convinced her that watching her fuck other men would be a turn on for me.

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However, she now had this "respect" for our marriage, and did not want to hurt our relationship. More positive, though, is that in most wives I've known, their love for hubby actually increases, often dramatically. Some of the sweetest and most stable relationships I've ever witnessed were between cuckold couples. Mind you, before our marriage my wife used to have a boyfriend who would pimp her around the neighborhood, and so she was having sex with every man around, as well as some experiences with other women.

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