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But voyeurism is not sex, and, in the eyes of some, neither is mutual masturbation. Perhaps it is painfully male to get off to waving your dick around, but it's true that simply getting naked in front of someone is a huge part of the appeal of mutual masturbation and shared exposure. This cult of penis-worship is on full display on BateWorld, a site that requires email registration to access. New York Jacks is aimed at these men, most of them gay, who are interested in group masturbation — witnessing it, participating in it, and making like-minded friends. With the chipper, big-brother gentleness of a sophomore at freshman orientation, he pointed us around the space. What if we see someone we know? My earliest sexual experiences involved mutual masturbation — at sleepovers, in someone's unchaperoned basement, or over Skype — but I have often been afraid to admit how formative I believe those early, secret explorations were to my sexual development.

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But voyeurism is not sex, and, in the eyes of some, neither is mutual masturbation. As on Grindr, many BateWorld profiles are arrestingly frank about their interests, and in a lexicon as rich as it is specific. Contact John Sherman at johnsh3rman gmail. Masturbation is sex with yourself; mutual masturbation is sex with yourself with other people, who are also having sex with themselves.

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