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In , having worked as an intern for twelve years, Amy presented her thesis to the Professors at Mars University. Joining Mars University 's student body, thanks to a donation from her parents, Amy began an engineering degree and joined the family sorority, Kappa Kappa Wong along with Sigma Beta. In " When Aliens Attack ", Nibbler runs away with her bra, and the professor hands her a can to spray a new bra on. She also frequently comments on Leela's looks or hygiene in a very tactless, catty and often insulting way. She is always seen wearing her pink outfit pictured to the right, because of the pressure from her extremely wealthy parents to look smart and presentable but she doesn't like this idea. She fails to get her doctorate the first time, but it is revealed that Professor Morris Katz , one of the Professors that failed her, was actually an alien cat who then stole the Earth 's rotational energy using the very device Amy had just designed and been failed for. Views Read View source History.

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Dr. Amy Wong

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She is engaged in a constant low-intensity feud with Turanga Leela , the only other female at Planet Express, whom she often accuses of not being ladylike enough to be a true woman.

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Amy : No spluh, why do you think I'm sitting over here in the stink-free zone? Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. A promotional picture of Amy. In her spare time Amy took up miniature golf in a failed attempt to impress her father, becoming a champion in tournaments.

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