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Ironsides invented the Iron Giant's disguise. He uses his telepathy to hold the people in the courtroom hostage. Despite these changes, Doctor Psycho has consistently been portrayed as a little person suffering from mental illness ranging from mild obsessiveness to full-blown dissociation , who harbors a misogynistic hatred of women. See Batman serial for more info and next timeline. In the Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock , Doctor Psycho is among the villains that attend an underground meeting held by the Riddler , where they talk about the Superman Theory. Peter's original design.

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The doctor escapes a mental institution and abducts Wonder Woman.

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But Alpert wanted to set them free, bring them to the next level of evolution. He later appears in Teen Titans vol. After learning of Superboy's origin, which remains unknown to Superboy, he attempts to befriend him.

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