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Consequently, starlets' vaginas are in perpetual peril. Not the children's inactivity and addiction to 2-liter bottles of Fanta — that's the symptom. Barack Obama is one of those magical, dulcet-voiced beings capable of calming fussy babies. But is she going home to be with her daughters? She's part of a push by National Geographic Kids to get more than 20, people around the world to do jumping jacks for one minute at the same time. Matt Drudge clocks another entry in his " Angry Blacks " series. There are ways to summon magical beings: A tooth under the pillow summons the tooth fairy.

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I can't believe that actually worked.

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When most people go on vacation, they forget about their workout routines and restrictive diets. And the dangers of manhood! Consequently, starlets' vaginas are in perpetual peril. The Obamas hung out with the Windsors today.

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