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The dog was very effective at eating my vagina out, licking from top to bottom and everywhere in between. He had porno magazines, too, and I would pick them up and check them out occasionally, learning all kinds of fun sex tips, but with no one to enjoy them with. I thought to myself how he was getting turned on, and would soon be ready to have me as his mate! Beefy continued licking as I continued twisting my nipples around, until several minutes later when suddenly I felt a tingle starting up in my toes. One evening, after Beefy licked me to 5 orgasms in the span of about 15 minutes, I laid down and started rubbing his belly. His claws were digging painfully into my lower belly, making me whimper a little.

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Destroyed by Dad

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At first I thought he was just saying Hi, and I patted him on the head.

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I moved him out of the way so I could insert a couple of my fingers inside my pussy, wishing my fingers could go inside deeper. I mentally prepared myself, thinking out in detail the best way to do it, when to do it, where, etc… Soon, I hoped my teen sexual urges would be satisfied! The heat of the cum bathed my insides, spurting into my bowels.

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