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Now science is catching up. This article explains how to improve your body…. Another study even observed that concentrated maca extract relieved fatigue in mice by decreasing several markers of muscle damage during exercise 8. However, those with thyroid issues should exercise caution when using maca, as it contains goitrogens, which are compounds that could disrupt the production of thyroid hormones in those with thyroid conditions Maca is also available in liquid or capsule form and taken as a supplement to support better health. Additionally, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should talk to their healthcare practitioner before taking maca, as evidence to support its safety in these populations is insufficient. You can also incorporate it into your favorite baked goods or sprinkle it over oatmeal or yogurt for an added dose of nutrition and health benefits.

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For example, a small study in 8 people found that supplementing with maca extract for 14 days improved cycling time compared with a placebo 4.

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Body composition refers to more than weight, since it accounts for both fat and muscle mass. Maca can be found at a variety of online retailers , natural pharmacies, and health food shops. Excess stress is a common problem for many people. This article reviews whether maca root can be used to become curvier.

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