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The popular streaming service has delivered some real hits this year, concluding the phenomenal Orange Is the New Black and offering arguably the very best season of Stranger Things yet. You could argue that it saves the best until later on though, as a steamy threesome scene absolutely steals the show in episode nine. There isn't any in episodes seven or eight either, so - as mentioned earlier - it really isn't thrown in for anything's sake. GLOW season 3 is another excellent outing for one of the best shows on Netflix. There's also some brief nudity in the expository five minutes of episode four, and that's it for episodes four and five.

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‚ÄčAlison Brie Has Bad News For Those of You Obsessed With Her Boobs

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Over the current decade, we've seen plenty of brilliant Netflix titles take off, and one of the most exciting would probably have to be GLOW.

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Funny, sexy and totally empowering: why GLOW's nudity is so radical

Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch's acclaimed American comedy series chronicles a group of women who come together in the world of professional wrestling in the eighties. Sometimes a show will get amp up these elements unnecessarily, but it's not like it dominates any of the episodes here. The same source also notes that the actress outlined more nudity and a sexier season 3.

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