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Since you continue to control X-Man as he takes part in one of three sex mini-games, the point is kinda moot; you're controlling a naked character for the sake of controlling a naked character. It's a sort of perverted take on Kaboom. Rust Rust might be the only game where it pays to be in the buff, rather than clothed. Luckily you still have your knife - don't worry, it was given to you, not hidden, erm, inside of anything - so you'll have a sporting chance to get your clothes back. Oh, put your shirt back on, Fisher. This is made perfectly obvious when Bayonetta pulls off some of her most devastating attacks.

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Naked Sex Games

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But despite all that, everyone's nether regions continue to flap in the warm jungle breeze.

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16 games where you play naked characters

It's worth noting that you actually play Larry Laffer's nephew in Magna Cum Laude, which means the nakedness is cross-generational. This is probably the least memorable of Mystique's clothing-free jamborees, but the nudity is just as strong. Back in the early '00s, you couldn't throw a skateboard without hitting a sub-par extreme sports game, and while Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX was nowhere near terrible, it certainly didn't live up to the high bar set by Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. He's a mysterious, naked man in a perilous search for intercourse, navigating a maze in an attempt to find the correct path to pleasure.

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