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If all you really want is the spectacle, something almost like the lap-dance masturbation you see on a lot of female solo videos but without all the faux enthusiasm , by all means get it. Tamara looks like she's passing a kidney stone. If you're a straight male watching this, you're interested in it because the women are attractive--they look like women everywhere, except they're doing this one very male thing. Many are in some kind of weird netherworld in-between. These actually look like women with cocks.

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A few look like victims of tragically botched plastic surgery.

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Now this is why I'm departing normal format and discussing it this way. They're by themselves doing what people with penises typically do best with them: masturbate. Lizzy's scene includes a walk along a beach with a selfie stick, but everything ends up indoors in a relatively simple set where jerking-off ensues.

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  1. I think it's her husband so she let's him do whatever

  2. Inb4 someone asks for a name, despite it being in the first 3 seconds of the video.