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Don says , The Filmmakers reading will be a general overview of my work. It was born of a desire to giggle but also shed as much pretense and opportunism and FUCKING FASCISM from the experience of creative communion as possible and put a bunch of our genius but often overlooked friends all in a room at once and watch them be amazed by each other. Tom is an Erie-based filmmaker and former faculty member at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. If they can squeeze it into 2 minutes! Get a dick or a vagina or some boobies or a butt plug or whatever painted on your face!

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There will be some haiku in between ghazals to give the reading some balance.

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Saturday afternoon, more troublesome poets, including master of mischief Scott Silsbe, will perform at this BE Quarterly event. Closer to the event we will post a wish list, but if there is something you super duper want to bring my goodness, but we shall be chuffed! We have a bouncer named Rocco seriously and we are not afraid to use him.

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