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She's pulled in different directions by friends and family, and knows that when she finally does come out to her disapproving parents, it won't go well. Alike Adepero Oduye is black teenage lesbian in Brooklyn trying to find her place in the world. Best Moment: Russell and his pal, the hot blond quarterback Justin Deeley give in to their attraction. But in every scene featuring Braun and Cope dressed up in "teen" clothes, they just look like the world's least convincing narcs. Best Moment: A reluctant Tanner gets a makeover to turn him from a comic book nerd into a Queer Eye guy. The British, oddly, seem less hung up on keeping Identity and Desire in separate fiefdoms — in their movies, anyway.

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Before 'Love, Simon': Coming Out And Coming-Of-Age At The Movies

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It's not a zero-sum game, of course: Coming out is an affirmation of Queer Identity, but it's bound up inextricably with Queer Desire.

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The writing's sharp, especially in the beginning, and the film stays with Dorian long enough to show us that coming out is only a first step. In 's Moonlight, Queer Desire takes up negative space, because it's true subject is its main character's adamant denial of that Desire, and the heartbreaking lengths he'll go in refusing to acknowledge his Queer Identity. The jokes — like the movie — are bright, kitschy and broad like, RuPaul plays a man who leads an ex-gay intervention, is how broad. Best Moment: Eric comes out to his mother, who's played by Stephanie McVay with more nuance than you might expect.

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