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Did they all die in the elevator? Chiefs didn't vote Mahomes as team MVP. Found the story interesting? Love, Bernadette " The thing I remember most is our dinner scene, and I did magic in the car," remembers Simon Helberg about one of his early seasons with Melissa Rauch. You can talk about the cast of Friends , but this is different in its own way. But not on series final night: everyone stood and clapped for the man, which brought tears to his eyes. The final table read The Big Bang Theory has come a long way from that original pilot in , which critics responded with mixed reviews.

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PHOTOS: 'Big Bang Theory' Cast Honored With Handprint Ceremony At TCL Chinese Theater

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Then we got into the van for the long trip to our hotel, and there were these huge billboards, and sure enough they said, 'Numero uno sitcom!

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Big Bang Theory Latest News, Photos, and Videos

Well done As a long-running joke, the cast and crew typically boo director Mark Cendrowski when his name is announced at each taping. It felt like a band you had been playing with for years. It changed just by a minute degree.

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