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Everybody poops, but the way many people clean up may be causing their backsides serious harm. The American Academy of Pediatrics does, however, recommend disposable wipes for babies during diaper changes. It's a common misconception that the wipes are cleaner than regular toilet paper, but in reality they remove healthy bacteria from your backside that protect you against yeast infections, bacterial infections, and fungus, making you more susceptible to them. He explained that the skin on the anus is quite thin and delicate, especially for women, so any harsh actions could lead to tears and, in turn, pain and bleeding. Anyone can get anal fissures, but Goldstein said it's often college-aged kids who are most susceptible to the tears. But the majority are likely wiping their behinds incorrectly and may cause injuries in the process, Dr.

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They're an irritant no one should use," Goldstein said.

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Evan Goldstein, a rectal surgeon, told Insider. Visit Insider's homepage for more. The products you use to wipe after going number two are also important if you want to keep your rear in tip-top shape.

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