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Their letters are now part of the archives at John F. Two principal courses were offered: an air strike and invasion, or a naval quarantine with the threat of further military action. Kennedy Family Collection Nitrate Negative Project: Fun in the Sun From the early s to about , the Kennedy and Fitzgerald families documented their lives on nitrate photographic film. Kennedy Presidential Library, where archivists are working on preserving and describing them. Fitzgerald and Mary Josephine Fitzgerald, in Cohasset, ca. On May 15, , Major Gordon Cooper was launched in the space capsule Faith 7 to fly the last manned space mission for Project Mercury. When nitrate film became commercially available in the late s, it made possible technical advancements in amateur roll film for smaller, more mobile cameras, ushering in the practice of family photography.

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View of Killiney Beach in Killiney, Ireland, ca.

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These photos — the fourth and final in a series of posts to highlight images from this cataloging project - feature the Kennedy family enjoying outdoor leisure time together, whether at the beach in Hyannis Port, in the pool in Palm Beach, or on vacation with family and friends. To avoid arousing public concern, President Kennedy maintained his official schedule, meeting periodically with advisors to discuss the status of events in Cuba and possible strategies. The one thing that was fixed in his mind was the idea of having the month of October on some kind of a background with the dates either circled or standing out in a different print.

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