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Some versions still attempt to shock rather than simply denigrate their targets by including elements of bestiality. Claim After collapsing at a post-concert party, a rock star was rushed to an emergency room, where doctors pumped a pint of semen out of his or her stomach. Rumors that spread in February about the death of Kobe Bryant's widow were junk news. Nowadays this legend keeps resurfacing, attributed to whatever singer male or female is currently disliked for being too popular or too lightweight or too cute frequently teenage singers with legions of fawning adolescent fans, such as the New Kids on the Block or Britney Spears. Help preserve this vital resource. I fired him in the morning.

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When the concepts of teenage sex and oral sex began to lose their power to titillate and shock, the target of the legend changed to the new symbols of debauchery and excess: rock stars.

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At Last, Rod Stewart Breaks His Silence on Getting His Semen-Filled Stomach Pumped

Last week Elton John collapsed at a party, and had to have his stomach pumped. On the flip side, if a president is impeached but not convicted , is that person prevented from running for a second term? Say what you like about Tony Toon — and God rest his soul — but he was good at his job. Although this tale is rarely related as a belief tale these days i.

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