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I told my daughter we would escape this horror, and that our lives would be better because we deserved better. Finally our divorce was finalized November But I also had unrealistic thoughts and plans as to where else I could escape to and not tell anyone. As you can see from her story, Revenge Porn is something that affected every facet of her life. I wanted to tell their stories, and talk about how they overcame their victimization and are fighting to ensure that no one experiences what they did. Maybe check in with loved ones occasionally.

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But after months passed, I was still in a very dark place.

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Sometimes they are hacked from iCloud accounts or Facebook messages. In January and February, it took off, growing to then , and in April, we broke the 1k mark. Everything is documented, and the authorities are called. Each and every single time I told him no, but he would never take no for an answer and eventually coerced me into doing the things HE wanted me to do, regardless of how I felt.

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