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Now comes the type of porno shenanigans that I hate. He gives up and demands more oral. I can only assume that Bitch Tits is a lousy lover compared to Tito in the previous scene. So any ill-informed person watching this scene will assume he just pulled straight out of her bum and straight into her smoo. Dude is directing her again. Jump cut and we go straight into missionary position.

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Sunny Side Up

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God, could Vivid have found two more irritating people to feature in a sex scene???

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A second orgasm is more violent than the first — Tammy punches the pillow. Twenty minutes in and even SHE wants out. We get some very mild bondage with handcuffs followed by oral sex. Finally, Sunny climbs on board for some cowgirl.

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  1. But the more he shares me the more I love him