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Answer David writes: If you're not having orgasms at age 26, you and your partner definitely need a bit of help. The obvious places to go are your local family planning clinic, where there are women doctors who are specifically trained in this sort of problem, or alternatively your local Relate office. If you're simply having orgasm problems with your man, the chances are that you're not getting enough stimulus of your clitoris during orgasm. What to do if you've run out of your contraceptive pill. If you are not having any orgasms at all, the best way to alter that is to learn to do it on your own. Many women find that intercourse alone won't do the trick. The contraceptive pill and vaginal discharge.

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ISBN 13: 9781495362217

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Could my doctor help me cure my vaginal dryness?

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Female ejaculation: I'm embarrassed when I seem to wet the bed during sex

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? I am dry, and I have a thrush-like infection Lack of lubrication My girlfriend has problems self-lubricating Sex hurts, because I am dry during intercourse Which lubricant should I use? Have a look at our article called ' Are you having trouble reaching orgasm?

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