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In addition to our premium in house Korean TPE, we use top quality articulated metal skeletons and real life accessories hair wigs, make up, etc. You will love this video if you are into sex games. While the arms can rotate above the shoulders, I recommend limiting the amount of time that the arms are placed into such a position in order to prevent potential damage. Because the TPE material is so soft, the breasts will jiggle a lot during play making for some very fun times. Even though our dolls come in preset configurations. While the doll does not have a tongue, kissing is incredibly life-like in all other aspects. The only position that this love doll does not perform so well is missionary position; however, this is common to small love dolls.

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I want a small-sized sexdoll, but I want full sexual functionality.

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While some sex toys might simulate a blowjob better, watching your anime sex doll sucking you will quickly make you forget about any minor technical omissions. The pussy opening appears very small at first; however, it stretches well to accommodate a penis. The skeleton does not extend into the fingers and toes.

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