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Bleed for me - let the rust within your veins corrode me. Symbolism of the occult, religious symbolism, witchcraft. Any rapid movements might affecting the artists ability to produce quality work. Like an animal, you have willingly walked to your slaughter, oblivious to the signs and the blood trails left behind by my psyche. Sara uses the style os blackwork, which transfers to the usage of black ink only.

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There are always exception to this rule, but in general this applies to majority of tattoos.

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Creative Guide: SARA FABEL, naked self • tattooed everything

So you crumble - My king without a crown. As skin heals and ages it is important to remember that the tattoo will mature with the skin; Lines will soften and the blacks will fade to dark grey. Larger design means that as the skin heals, there is more space for the natural "blurring" and the design will look better for longer time.

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