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Grandpa Lou : That is the sweetest doggone thing I have ever heard you sprouts say! Then the screen fades to black, and the show ends. Sign In Don't have an account? Tommy promises that in ten years, Angelica wouldn't boss them around anymore, Angelica finds Dil's drool over her player and reaches her breaking point, chasing the babies for the rest of the episode screaming "AUNT DIDI! Stu announces that he and Did have entered a dancing contest, much to Angelica's dismay. She wants the babies to be her audience, then begins to start singing her version of 'America the Beautiful' into the microphone, very loud and off-key. Angelica walks back in and she starts to chase the babies around the room.

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All Growed Up

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The television movie is considered the pilot episode of All Grown Up!

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Chuckie : Tommy, is ten years going to be a very long time? Then Phil comes out and suggests that they get a bigger clubhouse, then Lil and Kimi fall out of the closet, with Lil complaining that Phil needs to tell them when he is going to move when he's at the bottom of the pyramid, and Kimi complaining that she ripped the knee of her pants. When she's finished, Tommy starts to admire the karaoke machine, saying that he wants to play too, but Angelica says no.

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  1. Yo I've been trying to find more of this girl and it turns out she has a second video.