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Some of those photos feature children in their underwear or various states of undress. But, also like 4chan and 8chan, much of that content seemingly isn't being moderated: We found example after example of users sharing photos albums of children. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The website has been used in other countries to identify uploaders of illicit pictures of minors as well. The comments sections underneath those photo galleries are full of other users, all anonymized, weighing in with correspondingly disturbing remarks. Your account will be banned permanently.

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EXCLUSIVE: Paedophiles raid social networks for children in family photos

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A cursory inspection of the website reveals it to be an anonymized imageboard, like 4chan and 8chan, that's home to an active community of people sharing photos of children with sexually suggestive and overtly sexual statements.

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It was during this period that he is accused of uploading the photos of an underage girl, said to be his relative — one such photo showed an underage girl in underwear next to a Christmas tree, the Miami Herald reported , with the caption, "dirty comments [sic] welcome. In a US District Court of Kansas ruling recognized that the site was frequently used to host and trade child pornography. You'd never know from the front page of the Russian website iMGSRC that, within its depths, dozens of users are sharing photos of children in various states of undress.

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