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This was the start of her quest for knowledge, and she later went on to college, gaining a BA followed by an MA in Medieval Literature. Miles rose to prominence after a local Jewish paper in Brooklyn refused to publish an advert with her photo in it. Keren David Thursday, January 9, It allows me to keep my audience closer to me. Here we see Miles dressed up as a human-sized chicken who grabs a Barbie doll from an overcrowded cage packed full of wailing dolls, and proceeds to wave the clearly suffering doll around her head. Elana Sztokman Tuesday, October 3, Miranda Levy Thursday, January 23,

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The Jewish Chronicle

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Finally, Miles gives her hair covering the ultimate mark of contempt, smashing an egg down on the crown of her head, taking obvious delight in smearing it into her wig.

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Keren David Friday, November 15, She is still proud of her achievements during her campaign in educating and mobilising young frum people — who have traditionally not been active voters — to register to vote. Miles is clearly an astute self-marketeer, and has created her Flatbush Girl persona to be intentionally ditsy, quite different to the articulate woman she seems to be offline.

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