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Amazon iTunes Lawrence Kasden might very well have directed the last great American noir film with this '80s Double Indemnity of sorts featuring William Hurt as a pretty dim lawyer and Kathleen Turner as the requisite femme fatale. Amazon iTunes Famed critic Roger Ebert wrote a single screenplay in his career: this sequel-parody hybrid to Valley of the Dolls , directed by legendary sexploitation director Russ Meyer. Bill Murray Relived 'Groundhog Day'. While sleazecore might be taking over the fashion world, it's hardly been a new thing when it comes to cinema. Amazon iTunes Coinciding with the pop performer's Erotica phase, Body of Evidence stars Madonna as a woman who is charged with the murder of her lover—who died from erotic asphyxiation. Amazon One of the biggest movie disasters of the '90s turned into a beloved camp classic.

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The Sleaziest Movies Ever Made

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Full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is an undisputed camp classic and an unbelievable far-out trip that descends into total madness by its final reel.

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Despite its mainstream soft-core nature, the movie is an otherwise overwrought, trashy neo-noir. Bill Murray Relived 'Groundhog Day'. The Coolest Sneakers of So Far.

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