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Ideally, you want the group to have a Nemilos poster, a Puppet poster, and a Cusca poster. Also like the minor heroics, make sure you confirm that it registered. To start, visit Lord Neverember in Protector's Enclave to pick up the introduction quest associated with Barovia. In a way, you're working your way up the chain. Master Hunter Complete all 10 hunts in Barovia. This is an achievement you quite possibly may get as you progress through the weeks completing the campaign, however it's possible you might miss this if you don't end up spending a huge amount of time in the area. Creatures such as Witches or Vampires have a higher drop rate of the Wanted Posters, but they have a random chance of dropping from any enemy.

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Neverwinter Walkthrough

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If for some reason you failed, or abandoned and lost the quest, you need to join someone else for their introduction quest.

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Company of Wolves

After the tutorial, the first thing to do is collect the three Scrying Stones. The left side of the campaign window has a path that snakes upwards, and involves advancing the story of Barovia, unlocking new weekly quests and increasing your Weekly Haul along the way. There is another Random Event type occurance on the map, which only happens at night. Hunts have been dramatically reworked from their Chult and Omu counterparts.

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