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She told me that I looked good in my dress and asked me who I came here with today. Not exactly what you had expected to hear from the guy that claimed to love you, especially not after you had just told his parents how much you loved him. Everything had been going great, until you accidentally spilled some champagne on Park Jinyoung. He had sent you the recipe and told you where everything was, hoping you would do exactly what he had asked you to. See, this is exactly why I never wanted you to come with me to award shows. Not after having said that. And so when you walked in, what was he doing?

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Meeting the parents of your partner was never easy, but when there were so many traditions that needed to be kept in mind, it was even harder.

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And so now they were both using the bathrooms, while you were being scolded by your boyfriend. The question everyone was asking themselves was: who? In theory, nobody really knew who you were dating, but both BigHit and your company decided only a week later to reveal it, just so the speculation would finally end. And while he had laughed it off, had told you it was alright, Taehyung was so embarrassed and apologized at least a hundred times, told him that he would pay for his suit or anything else that needed to be paid for.

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