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The stereotypes crafted around the sexualization of Asian women can not only be offensive, but dangerous critics point out. All in all, a troubling quarter of the top search terms were Asian-related. Lizzo joins a long list of celebrities that have come under fire for the same reason. I developed this style for all of those times I wanted to wear a dress or skirt with a slit and still needed the support. The main counterargument for cultural appropriation is that the offender is merely attempting to show their appreciation for the culture.

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Lizzo is the latest to appropriate Asian culture, with dangerous implications

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Sexualization of Asian women and promotion of a stereotype depicting them as meek and subservient can proliferate sexual violence, experts warn.

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Yet again, another nude surfaces

On her right is a large branch of Japanese cherry blossoms and she sits between golden ships adorned with Chinese characters. Other photos depict Lizzo equally nude playing a flute, with only silver heels on her feet and matching fans on her head, influence taken from geisha culture. This is just the second time within the last few weeks that I've seen Asian dress used in this way and it is NOT okay.

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