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After a long period of imprisonment, Fiona realized that, like at the lab, no one would rescue her, and thus she became determined to do so herself. Furious, she yelled that it wasn't "like that", but Sonic simply told her "keep telling yourself that". Reluctantly, the Freedom Fighters joined them, as they were also set to clash with the Raiju Clan: the Freedom Fighters looking to break ties between the Clan and the Iron Dominion, and the Destructix looking to convince Lightning to leave the comrades he had rejoined. However, she is clearly reluctant to talk about her past. To this end, Fiona fell in love with Sonic's Anti-Mobius counterpart Scourge the Hedgehog , becoming his girlfriend, and later Queen of Moebius itself following Scourge's takeover, and became a member of the Suppression Squad. Later, she provided medical attention to Sonic, who'd been wounded by Eggman's robotic "daughter" Mecha. Sonic, enraged at her cruelty, protested, and Fiona cited his abandonment of her, back in the mining camp, as an example.

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The Destructix,

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Upon Sonic's return from space, Fiona accompanied the Freedom Fighter task force sent to Old Megaopolis to prevent Eggman from launching nuclear missiles at both Station Square and Knothole.

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The four then set out to the Dragon Kingdom, where Fiona confronted Sonic and Tails within a bamboo forest as part of a trap, vaguely mentioning she'd been busy since they last met. Ray the Manta Bottlenose P. While Enerjak started his campaign against the elements of Mobius he had decided to eliminate, Fiona and the other Destructix were sent by Dr. Finally exposed, she decided she no longer cared to keep up the charade or act as a Freedom Fighter.

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