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Shortly afterwards, she heard two more shots, and even later than that, she heard Batman, Robin and Commissioner Gordon investigating the other corpse, apparently the body of Arnold Wesker, with Scarface lying beside him. Riley has not been seen in comics since. Sign In Don't have an account? Zatanna rescues Wayne and, as Batman, he rescues Sabatino while Zatanna tries to talk down Peyton, trying to convince her that Peyton no longer needs to seek vengeance. Before she can have any effect, Moose Rhino 's sister hits her with an oar. When Sabatino was caught stealing money from his employer at the time, Arnold Wesker, the Ventriloquist and Scarface, he and Peyton were going to be executed by Rhino until Peyton's intervention.

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The Ventriloquist (Peyton Riley)

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This encounter led Sabatino to turn his life around, and he became a much more successful criminal, eventually making enough money to open up his own nightclub down the street from the Iceberg Lounge.

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After laboriously dragging herself into the room, to her surprise, Peyton found Scarface had begun talking to her she had actually just started talking to herself. To her immense annoyance as she grew up, she could never gain any real respect amongst her peers in the Gotham social circles, because she was looked down upon as just another "mafia princess. She repaired Scarface, and decided to take on the identity of the new Ventriloquist.

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