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With Velcro closures like those on the Enchanted Spreader Bar from Sportsheets, getting your partner out in a hurry won't be an issue. Christian December 26, Presented by: Sportsheets. Product Recommendations: Spread the Love Bar. Now the subject should reach down and grab hold of the spreader bar: if comfortable this is the optimal position to then attach their wrists to the bar. Well, this is just as restrictive but adds the extra spice of having the bondage subject standing rather than spread out on their back or front. Once this is worked out, attach the spreader bar, ankle to ankle, and then each wrist to the bar itself.

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This way they are just as restrained but - you guessed it - with a lot more access!

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Sluts and Spreader Bars

Then just flip the script by flipping them over onto their chests. But do be careful when you do this as this position can often put a lot of strain on the shoulders. As long as you're playing safely, spreader bars are a way to have your kinky cake and eat it too, of restraining someone in a way that gives you access to all their pleasure zones.

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