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Think back to the first time you told your partner about something you wanted in bed that maybe varied from your normal routine or had the potential to throw her off a little. And you know who is sometimes participating in anal sex? When I told her what to do to me, she paused every-so-briefly, asked me if I was sure, and went for it. But whatever forum you choose, be explicit about your desires as to avoid confusion and frustration, and always open up the floor for her to contribute, ask questions, or discuss more. But fear not, because it's and, therefore, time for you to start incorporating more lube during sex!

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Lube is awesome because it decreases friction during sex and can be used to make it easier to interact with the anus, vagina, or any other orifice you want.

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Let's start by debunking some myths and answering some questions about anal sex to help you get the ball rolling with your partner. You know what I'd love to try next time It's also OK to suggest anal and then realize once you've tried it out that you don't love it.

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